Special effect to screenprint on fabric.

Using a water based ink as Modatex to screenprint on fabric is possible to obtain two different effect just by planning the thickness of the ink: a more thick layer of ink is very covering so it`s impossible to see the texture of the fabric, but if you need an effect similar to fabric dye it`s enough to use a thinner lyer of ink and the texture fabric will remain visibile.


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Replace and reuse a screen.

There are solution available to renew a screen and use it until every single part that compose it is really damaged. If the emulsion is too old, is possible to remove it using a stripper, wash and let dry the frame and then spread another layer of emulsion. It need to be done after two thousand passes. If it`s the fabric that has become too old, it`s possible to remove it and replace with another new fabric. These solutions allow to use a screen until it becomes rellay too old by replacing everything.


How to replace an halogen bulb for engraving.

To engrave a screenprinting frame it`s important to have the right kind of light. Sometimes could be impossible to have a bulb with the right quantity of watt, but it doesn`t matter: it`s enough to have a UV light...or use a QLT emulsion that can engrave the screen under a cold standard light.


Water proof paper to silkscreenprinting.

Silkscreenprinting on paper imposes to choose even the right kind of paper. It`s important that the paper used do not damages the ink, by soak it up when it is drying. The ink must remain regular and homogeneous also when it`s dry, otherwise it`s better find another kind of paper, more compact and water proof.


Spreading ink with a silkprinting spatula: how to.

To spread the ink on the frame we can use the specific silkprinting spatula, that allow to spread a regular layer of ink or other sticky material. If you need to spread a specific layer of ink this isn`t the right tool because there are too many factors that influeces the spreading of ink: the speed and the pressure put by the silprinter, the inks evaporation and the frame texture, so a good suggestion is to use something more techinolgical advanced.


Easy customization of tshirt

Do you really want to customize your tshirt but you don`t know how to do it? Let`s try with Vinyl Jersey numbers, to apply just with a heat transfer press and suitable to customize tshirt and sweat suite with a single number or the complete serie from 0 to 9.


The light for screenprinting.

Lights play an important role in screenprinting. A yellow light is needed when you`re spreading the emulsion and during the phase of develop of the frame. When the frame is drying it`s important to do not have any light and just natural light to all the other phases of screenprinting.


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How to silkscreen on nylon.

Nylon is a material with a very low warm resistance, so to silkscreen on it it`s necessary using a ink that is able to dry at low temperature. The solvent based Nyloflex ink is one of the most suitable because it dries without needing high temperature. It`s also possible to add some catalyst if the surface to silkscreen is particularly hard: it improves the ink resistance without modifying the drying time.


Screenprinting Starter kit

Now it`s extremely easy start screenprinting using Screenprintingstore`s kits, which are also composed by 2 Frame Hinge Clamps. With the double hinge clamps it`s possible have a printing bench where you want. It just need to fix the clamps to a flat surface using screws, fix the frame and them start screenprinting. The Frame hinge clamps allow to use a squared or rectangular section frames of every thickness and set the frame movements easily. All the kits are composed even by inks and all the tools needed to learn how to screenprint.

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